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K-Nine Spares Pvt.Ltd. encapsulates the essence of a leading manufacturer as well as exporter of high precision compressor parts. We enjoy the privilege of being the largest manufacturer and supplier of high quality and supreme compressor parts. We make it a point that we manufacture and market Refrigeration, Air conditioning & Air compressor parts.

‘K9’ brand products from the bandwagon of K-Nine Spares Pvt.Ltd. have the captivating capacity of combining cost effectiveness as well as quality service. We maintain design parameters strictly according to the drawings of all sorts of standard sized, oversized and undersized materials.

We are driven by the motto of quality leadership. We are aware that it is pretty essential for an incumbent to focus on streamlined quality control procedures to pave way to the enigmatic and enviable position of an industry leader. Therefore it is our prime concern to come out with superior K-Nine Spares Pvt.Ltd. brand spare parts for Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Compressors as well as for Air compressors for various industry verticals. We are led by the vision that our clients do not have to suffer from low quality parts of compressors.

We choose to be sincere in our approach and execute nothing but excellence. To meet the requirements of the global markets, we always put state of the art manufacturing technologies into practice. We also make it sure that our personnel strength as well as our product line is completely unmarred. If you make it a point to explore our inventory of product ranges you are sure to find it out that we show off nothing but the best.

As an industry leader K-Nine Spares Pvt.Ltd. intends to hit the high notes in the domain of compressor parts. We have years of existence in this particular field. We have always chosen to focus on conceptualizing as well as manufacturing prototypes as well as design parameters that meet our client expectations unfailingly. We are always eager to set examples and reach new heights of excellence. In spite of starting from scratch we have made our way to success by dint of perseverance, acute awareness of the industry as well as the steadfast zeal to break precedents.

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